Winter raclette

The original raclette from Switzerland had only two ingredients - cheese and potatoes.

The cheese wheel was halved and placed close to the fire with the open side to let the cheese melt.
Then the cheese was simply scraped off and eaten with potatoes or bread.

As with traditional raclette, the cooking is done at the table here. Everyone takes what they like and creates their own delicacies right at the table.

Some ideas for ingredients:

  • Grocholl Parisienne Potatoes or
  • Grocholl Top Quality Potato Wedges or
  • Grocholl Top Quality Potatoes 20-30 mm, halved or quartered
  • Grocholl Mushrooms mini or
  • Grocholl Mushrooms 1. or 2. choice, sliced

Other ingredients:

  • onion slices, garlic, leeks
  • cocktail tomatoes
  • peppers
  • tinned sweetcorn
  • cooked or air-dried ham
  • smoked meat, sliced
  • prawns
  • salmon fillet, cut into strips
  • capers
  • courgettes
  • fennel
  • cornichons
  • pineapple
  • kidney beans
  • fresh turkey or chicken breast fillets
  • pork fillet, leg of lamb, beef fillet (all cut into strips or slices)
  • small sausages/chipolatas
  • tofu
  • fresh chives
  • thinly sliced chillies
  • olives, green and black
  • semi-dried tomatoes in oil
  • fresh basil and rosemary
  • raclette cheese, sliced (approx. 200 g per person)


Arrange all ingredients around the raclette machine (the table grill). Heat the raclette cheese slices in the little pans until cheese melts. Pour the melted cheese directly onto the selected ingredients on your plate. Or fry the selected ingredients on the hot stone, then place into the pan and top with cheese. Place into the lower section to melt the cheese.