Fried Potatoes

with Bacon

500 g

Our potato products are made of the waxy, yellow-fleshed potatoes from the Lüneburg Heath, Altmark and Wendland. Continuous control from field to finished product according to the highest international standards guarantees consistent quality year-round. We are driven by our customers‘ high expectations.

Ingredients: Potatoes (93%), bacon (pork, salt, smoke) (3%), rapeseed oil, salt, spices, hydrolized vegetable protein, smoke flavor, antioxidation preparation sodium metabisulphite.

Preparation: Heat pan slightly. Open pouch and empty content into pan. Fry the potatoes until golden brown. If using a steel pan, we recommend adding a little fat.

Ready to start immediately: Easy to open, no cooking, no peeling, no thawing, no soaking – ready to serve in about 8 minutes. We guarantee a nonseasonal constant quality.