It all began with wild mushrooms and asparagus: Ulrich Grocholl laid the foundation for today's Grocholl GmbH & Co. KG with the processing of these two products in April of 1964. In 2008, his sons Tobias and Sebastian Grocholl took over the management of the company. Our company has now been successful in the market for over 50 years. For one, this success is based on the consistent expansion of our services - today we are a system supplier for the processing industry, C&C markets, delivery wholesalers and food retailers.

Furthermore we have also always expanded our product range and optimised it to meet customer requirements. The focus is on peeled and cooked potatoes which can be stored without refrigeration. Our other dishes such as goulash, chicken fricassee or gratins also do not require refrigeration and are therefore ideal for our customers' requirements.

In the manufacturing of our products, we are always aware of the great responsibility that a company in the food processing industry has. Freshness and quality are always the top priorities. Beyond this, we take our ecological responsibility very seriously: Our products come from nature, so it is a matter of course to meet ecological requirements from growing and production to delivery.

In the following section we would like to introduce our company. See for yourself how you and your wishes and requirements are the focus of our daily work. We would like to be a competent partner for you when it comes to first-rate food products.


Our factories receive deliveries of up to 500 tons of fresh potatoes every day. 150 contract farmers from the region ensure a steady supply. But if you think that these are just any potatoes, you are wrong. We only use the very best potatoes for our production!

Our potatoes do not only originate from the best areas of cultivation such as the Lüneburg Heath or the Altmark in Northern Germany, they are also subject to constant checks during the entire growing and maturing phase. But that is not all, by far. After the harvest, the ripe potatoes have to go through the very tough bonus-malus system of our potato receiving department where they are put through their paces:

A random sample of 100 potatoes is taken from each raw material delivery and checked for external flaws. But we are not superficial, on the contrary - much more than the outer appearance, we are interest in the inner values of the potatoes. So these are then peeled, halved and checked for internal flaws. Any identified flaws are multiplied with a factor according to the number and severity of the flaws and then added up. If the sum exceeds a defined limit, this is the end of the road for the potatoes and they have to travel back home with the farmer. If they pass the first check, other tests follow to determine nitrate and starch content as well as dry matter.



The headquarter of Grocholl GmbH & Co. KG is situated in Clenze in Northern Germany. This includes the administration, the laboratory and the central warehouse as well as the potato production for food retail and the pasta production.


The production facility for large potato packages and onions is located in Saxony-Anhalt in Kalbe/Milde.


If the chemistry is right, the farmer can unload: Conveyor belts transport the potatoes into the potato bunker where they wait for further processing.

As we set great store by the freshness of the potatoes, though, no more than 24 hours pass between depositing of the raw potatoes in our raw product storage and depositing of the finished products in our finished product store. This is made possible by the permanent just-in-time deliveries.

Directly after harvesting, our farmers store the potatoes in state-of-the-art potato stores under optimum storage conditions, particularly with regard to humidity, temperature, etc. This preserves the full natural flavour and the nutrients as well as the quality of the potatoes.

Steam peeling
Vacuum packing


Quality and safety are one of the most important aspects for a company in the food industry. For both, our customers can rely on our high standards which we apply to all steps of our production process. In-house laboratories for chemistry and microbiology ensure cintinous monitoring.


The different packaging options which are developed to your requirements provide best possible protection for the products. Whether sterilised, pasteurised or fresh goods: We offer a variety of packaging options which all run through metal detectors as a final additional safety check.


Top Brand of 2018

Lebensmittel-Zeitung, the leading trade and business magazine for the consumer goods business in Germany, selects the 100 most successful brands in the most important categories each year.

But before any awards can be presented to a brand, it first has to be tested by the market research institute GfK SE in Nuremberg. To ensure comprehensive brand testing, the brand is examined closely with regard to market share, sales development, market significance and customer reach.

For the fourth year running, Grocholl has come out on top of over 5,000 brands and received the "TOP Brand" award for 2018, 2016, 2014 & 2013.

IFS Food Standard

The IFS Food Standard is a standard recognised by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) for auditing food manufacturers. The focus is on food safety and the quality of the processes and products. The standard applies to food processing companies and to companies who package unpackaged food.

IFS Food applies wherever products are "processed" or wherever there is a risk of contamination of the product during the primary packaging process. The standard is important for all food manufacturers, especially for manufacturers of private label products as many requirements verify the compliance with customer specifications.

The IFS Food was developed in close cooperation with certification bodies, retailers, the food processing industry and system catering.

Since the first certification in 2004, Grocholl has consistently achieved the "Higher Level".

Organic Label

25 per cent of all farming in Lüchow-Dannenberg county is organic. Local purchasing and production ensure a continuous supply with organic raw products.

This means we can manufacture all our products as organi products in line with the EU Eco Regulation, which e.g. stipulates that 95 per cent of the ingredients for our products have to come from organic farming.

The corresponding separation of raw products and finished products is ensured through special marking.
This has convinced customers all over the world so that today we are an internationally active company.

DLG Award

The German Agricultural Society DLG awards gold, silver and bronze prizes to food products. These quality tests are carried out annually for each product group.

All winning products have to successfully pass the laboratory tests as well as tests for preparation, packaging and labelling. The gold, silver or bronze awards are determined by the sensory quality (appearance, consistency, smell and taste) of the product.

Since many years we successfully participate on DLG quality tests. Numerous awards in this time are the impressive proof for our sustainable quality wort and competitiveness. In recognition for the performance, DLG awarded us the second time with the "Prize for long-lasting product quality".


How the years go by...

Looking back at over 50 years of company history, a series of significant events come into focus which have influenced our company to this day.

So a look at the history is always also a look at the present and an outlook for the future.

Grocholl - 50 years of quality

1964 Foundation and start with tinned wild mushrooms and asparagus
1966 Construction of the production and administration building in Clenze
1967 Start of potato production
1980 Expansion of the administration space
1981 Addition of the potato bunkers
1987 Acquisition of the production workshop on Corviner Straße
1990/91 Foundation of Agrarveredlungsgesellschaft mbH in Kalbe/Milde, start of onion processing and potato storage
1996 Acquisition of Armour Foods (Deutschland) GmbH, move of the operations to Clenze
1999 Foundation of the Deutsche Pilzbörse (German Mushroom Exchange) in Clenze
2001 Expansion of Agrarveredlungsgesellschaft mbH and start of potato production at this location
2002 Modernisation and full conversion of factory I in Clenze
2005 Expansion and extension of potato production in Kalbe/Milde
2008 Passing of Ulrich Grocholl - transformation of the company into an oHG (general partnership), cintinuation of the company through Sebastian and Tobias Grocholl
2010 New construction and expansion of the cold storage areas in Kalbe/Milde
2012 Expansion of factory III into a processing centre
2014 Grocholl celebrates its 50th anniversary


Social commitment

We support

Handball club SG Südkreis Clenze,
Volunteer fire brigade Clenze,
German society for the protection of children Lüchow-Dannenberg